RF Anechoic chamber used for radiated measurements of wireless devices to ascertain antenna efficiencies, total radiated power and total isotropic sensitivity

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Manufacturable Technical Solutions

I had an excellent experience working with the owner and his team. He had the knowledge, equipment, and experience to solve our RF challenges in short order. As a startup developing a highly integrated cellular device, having a resource that can confidently analyze, prototype, and test solutions is invaluable. With RF2ANTENNA’s help, my product was able to meet or exceed PTCRB, FCC, and AT&T certification requirements on our first try, ultimately helping us bring our product to market faster.
-Michael Morena, COO, Adhere

True Expertise

Honeywell has been working directly with RF2ANTENNA for more than three years, with excellent results. RF2ANTENNA has a firm foundation of true RF and antenna expertise, resulting in custom designs optimized for specific products and goals.The performance improvement achievable from academic understanding of microwave theory has been a game-changer for Elster radio performance. We look forward to a long and growing relationship with RF2ANTENNA.

Constant Care & Agile Support

RF2ANTENNA has been an invaluable engineering resource to Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) on multiple product design and development projects. In a time where radio performance and antenna design are critical, gating elements to product release, RF2ANTENNA has helped IPS to optimize product design cycles. RF2ANTENNA will analyze product requirements and make antenna design recommendations which are both practical and manufacturable; they will troubleshoot and sensibly resolve failures during EMC testing. RF2ANTENNA’s quick response and quality of service have exceeded IPS expectations.

millimeter wave antenna mounted on a gimbal for spherical measurements.

millimeter Wave

Millimeter wave (mmWave) testing (chamber & VNA measurements) is now available at RF2ANTENNA. Options are available from 18 GHz to 110 GHz. Maximum DUT sizes are 200 mm x 200 mm x 320 mm and up to 3Kg or 6lb. Applicable areas for testing include communications, radar, automotive radar, 5G, ultrahigh-speed wireless & satellite communications, weather sensing, beamforming, high spatial processing, high resolution images, wearables, patterns and simulation. Let us help you through the three phases of mmWave devices: design through simulation, fabrication and testing.

RF Engineering Design Services

3D antenna plot, 3D gain plot, 3D antenna pattern

RF Design & Simulation

Circuit and 3D electromagnetic field simulations, full design suites, coverage analysis, model setup, optimization, result interpretation and analysis

Planar Dipole Antenna Design

Antenna Design & Validation

Rapid prototyping, custom designs, coax selection, off-the-shelf antenna validation & optimization

Scattering Parameters or S-parameters plots

Measurements & Testing

Accurate microwave and RF testing, fixturing, de-embedding, scattering parameters, pre-compliance with emission and immunity testing

Ferrites are used for inductive and electromagnetic interference problems.

RF Optimization

De-sense, RSE, balun, impedance matching network, calibration, ferrite selection, transmission lines

RF2ANTENNA R&D Partnerships with other companies.

R&D Partnerships

Concept realization, feasibility study, collaborative R&D

RF2ANTENNA Technical Consulting for RF and high frequency projects.

Technical Consulting

Product requirements, tech spec, technical road map, troubleshooting

Courses offered by RF2ANTENNA focusing on RF for technical and non-technical perssonnel.

RF Training and Support

Short & succinct training courses for technical and non-technical personnel

PCB and Hardware development for any electrical engineering project, focusing on RF.

RF Hardware Development

PCB layout review, manufacturing consulting, vendor & supplier contacts

Providing Industry Relevant RF Services & Designs for the Future