RF Anechoic chamber used for radiated measurements of wireless devices to ascertain antenna efficiencies, total radiated power and total isotropic sensitivity

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Antenna, RF Engineering, and Design Services

3D antenna plot, 3D gain plot, 3D antenna pattern

RF Design & Simulation

Circuit and 3D electromagnetic field simulations, full design suites, coverage analysis, model setup, optimization, result interpretation and analysis

Planar Dipole Antenna Design

Antenna Design & Validation

Rapid prototyping, custom designs, coax selection, off-the-shelf antenna validation & optimization

Scattering Parameters or S-parameters plots

Measurements & Testing

Accurate microwave and RF testing, fixturing, de-embedding, scattering parameters, pre-compliance with emission and immunity testing

Ferrites are used for inductive and electromagnetic interference problems.

RF Optimization

De-sense, RSE, balun, impedance matching network, calibration, ferrite selection, transmission lines

RF2ANTENNA R&D Partnerships with other companies.

R&D Partnerships

Concept realization, feasibility study, collaborative R&D

RF2ANTENNA Technical Consulting for RF and high frequency projects.

Technical Consulting

Product requirements, tech spec, technical road map, troubleshooting

Courses offered by RF2ANTENNA focusing on RF for technical and non-technical perssonnel.

RF Training and Support

Short & succinct training courses for technical and non-technical personnel

PCB and Hardware development for any electrical engineering project, focusing on RF.

RF Hardware Development

PCB layout review, manufacturing consulting, vendor & supplier contacts

Providing Industry Relevant RF Services & Designs for the Future