millimeter wave chamber for measuring extremely high frequencies

millimeter Wave Testing

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millimeter wave chamber tests and VNA measurements from 18 GHz to 110 GHz

mmWave Services

Design through simulation



mmWave technology provides exceptional advantages with wide bandwidths, increased resolution and small antennas. Although, they can have limited range and material penetration characteristics. For these reasons, any market ready mmWave device has been maximally optimized and gone through these three basic steps (design through simulation, fabrication, testing) prior to market deployment.

Our millimeter Wave testing & design services:

  • Electromagnetic Design & Simulation
  • Available to any industry
  • Efficiency
  • Upper-hemisphere efficiency
  • Lower-hemisphere efficiency
  • Efficiency for select phi and theta angles
  • Passive Gain Patterns of 2D polar or 3D spherical
  • Phase center identification
  • Partial gain plots of areas of interest
  • front-to-back ratios
  • Data visualization (see below)
  • Manufacturing guidance
  • phased arrays
  • Radar
  • Automotive Applications
  • VSWR, Return loss, S-parameters
  • 18 GHz – 110 GHz

Options are available from 18 GHz to 110 GHz. Maximum DUT sizes are 200 mm x 200 mm x 320 mm and maximum weight of 3 kg or 6 lb. Applicable areas for testing include communications, radar, automotive radar, 5G, ultrahigh-speed wireless & satellite communications, weather sensing, beamforming, high spatial processing, high resolution images, wearables, patterns and simulation. Let us help you through the three phases of mmWave devices: design through simulation, fabrication and testing.

Primary slice of an antenna's measured power in 3D space

Polar 2D cuts

millimeter wave radiation heat map

Contour plots

millimeter wave radiation surface plot

3D surface plots

millimeter wave 3D radiation pattern

3D radiation patterns

Design Through Simulation – Extremely high frequencies (EHF) and above require the use of multi-physics design software for simulation and optimization. RF2ANTENNA uses advanced simulation tools to design and optimize millimeter wave devices.

mmWave Services

Fabrication – RF2ANTENNA provides guidance in machining through partnerships with machine shops.

mmWave Services

millimeter wave chamber for measuring extremely high frequency devices

Testing – Providing chamber and VNA testing at millimeter wave frequencies such as: return loss, insertion loss, VSWR, 3D gain plots, upper & lower hemisphere efficiency, front-to-back ratio, side-lobes and back-lobes.

mmWave Services