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One of the many benefits of optimization is that it can increase range and reduce power consumption

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RF Circuits are a combination of components delivering energy and transmission lines for the propagation of that energy to the desired location.

RF optimization has the added benefit of reducing loss throughout the RF path and is important for any device’s radiated performance. Thus, it is necessary to review transmission lines impedance and matching circuit performance. RF2ANTENNA carries the right equipment to maximize performance and minimize loss. One of the many tools utilized is Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) where transmission line impedance can be visualized over the entire length of the RF path. Many more techniques are at our disposal for RF optimization.

Transmission Line Designs & Optimization Services

  • Microstrip
  • Stripline
  • Coplanar Wave Guide
  • Coplanar Wave Guide with Ground
  • Round Coaxial
  • Slotline
  • Coupled Microstrip Line
  • Coupled Stripline

There are multiple choices when it comes to transmission lines. RF2ANTENNNA can work with, and design multiple types of electrical transmission lines with many different types of dielectric substrates. We take into account the frequency range, characteristic impedance and the even & odd mode impact upon nearby traces.

a U.FL connector is a transitional piece for RF energy to propagate from one type of transmission medium to another.

RF & PCB Component Selection

Selecting components can be a daunting task, but we have over a decade of experience with vendors and manufacturers for every part of your design. Our number one goal is to ensure that every bit, piece and component meet the stringent minimums required for high frequency operation especially in the 4G LTE and 5G world. Whether it be high-performance or economical we can help choose the right product to meet your design needs.

Ferrite are used to remove RF noise by producing heat from the flux produced inside the core by a varying current passing through a nearby conductor.

Ferrite Selections

Ferrites are an essential part of most designs and extensively used for inductive and EMI filtering applications. See below for some of the solutions we can recommend for your product.

  • EMI Cable Cores
  • Connector Plates
  • Common mode chokes
  • Can-bus chokes
  • High current thru hole
  • surface mount components
  • Impedance bead chips
  • surface mount inductors